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Revelation Online Guides : Socketing Badges and Runes

  • 2017-05-11 16:21:51
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The battlefield of Revelation Online is being conquered by more and more players with rich skills. You peers or your enemies may overcome various obstacles through badges and runes. Want to change your negative position? What about learning some new guides to catch up with others?


Here gold.raiditem continues to provide Revelation Online Coins and share useful guides or tips that we have concluded. All our intention is to help players do better next time. Let’s look at the following guides.

Notice: Socketinf Badges & Runes help you unlock your full potential!

Socketing Runes into Badges
First step is to socket runes into a badge and badge must have engraving slots. In the process of it, using some Revelation Online Imperial Coins is helpful for badge level rising. Warning: that only applies badges level 4 and higher). To know how many slots your badges have, you can check by hovering mouse over them. Click the first row and you'll see runes.

Socket the Runes
To socket the runes, open your character window and click on the magnifying glass right next to the badge. A window will pop up and, depending on the level of your badge, there will be more or less carved slots available. If you want to have all 5 runes slots, your badges must reach level 6 or higher. By clicking on non-engraved slot, you can select the badge possibly. 

After Socketing  Runes
Finishing the action of socketing runes, you may want to know the results right now. Just check out the item itself to observe the final ending. Need to grasp more details? Just hit button SHIFT while inspecting or mousing over it. 

Good guides for you to play the game, right? As a professional game service supplier, gold.raiditem is willing to offering Revelation Online Coins for sale. Of course we will keep sharing new skills of socket badges and runes. Last but not least, if you want to remove them, click on the magnifying glass again and click "Remove". Your runes will never lose through this operation. It will simply go back to your inventory.