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Revelation Online Develops Its New Battlefield in French and German

  • 2017-05-18 18:21:17
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In tradition, the massive games will build up different editions to adapt to various group's needs. Dear French and German Players, now Revelation Online starts seeking for some changes for player service, developing its new battlefield in your lands.


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For a long time, Revelation Online opened its beta doors with single language. Though the English is regarded as its major language during its early stage of promotion, heroes around the globe dove right into the world of Nuanor and hold their weapons, going across outer space.

Language Localization
While, through long-time endeavour taken into the game, surprise is far beyond our expectation. Gold.raiditem has prepared Revelation Online Imperial Coins for you to welcome this new chapter. Force for the game's localization works effectively. According to official saying, it is on schedule for developers to launch the game with these languages by Q3 2017.

Testing Period Begins
We're happy to inform everyone that QA & Localization teams have already begun testing FR & DE clients via closed servers. The teams try to give those clients a polish and focus on all the finishing touches. The new edition requires a quality-oriented evaluation at present.

Localization Mechanism 
Most players take an interest on localization mechanism. How does it work? Well, in-game text translation seems difficult much but it's also a must if the game wants to enter into the new countries. Not just the language, many areas of the game receive innovation too. For example, altering art assets, expanding the UI, programing and so on.

The experts engage in improving the game and getting ready for launch. Though new version may have lots of shortcomings, we should take it as a new-born baby and help it grow up via good feedback and test. The final release date isn't decided now, but Gold.raiditem will provide you cheap Revelation Online Coins and stay tuned for further updates.