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Revelation Online:Guild Tournament Takes You Fresh Experience

  • 2017-05-23 18:09:30
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Dear Revelation Online player, the official page has created a rivalries for the upcoming Guild Tournament. So what's the feature related it? Are you looking forward to getting access to the activity?


Considering so many new features appears in the expansion, you'd better prepare enough Revelation Online Coins all the time. At this point, a reliable online store can be beneficial to your game experience. We recommend you to have a trade with gold.raiditem. First, let's kick off story.

War horns blaring across open fields. Fighters from all walks of life sharpening their blades in anticipation. Soldiers practicing battle formations and combat strategies while their loved-ones supportively look on. Yes, Nuanor will have a new war which is far different from the form you imagine.

Still remember the wars between multiple beast-tribes? Now Despite faction wars brewing in the cold depths of Snowpine Reach, a great but fierce battle awaits our joining. Nuanor's very first guild tournament that is proven a full-scale battle of honour, respect, and martial dominance. Can't wait to demonstrate you power, right? Here you will witness what is real competitive spirits!

Previously, announcement about Iceborn update got identified quickly, which is cool for all of us. Once the Iceborn is launched, you and your guildmates will have the perfect opportunity to level up your status. Bonus is far beyond that as you can also acquire server-wide renown, marking your territory and letting all of Nuanor know you and your companions are a force to be reckoned with.

In the following days, Revelation Online will catch our attention by more tweaks. So Gold.raiditem will accompany you to wait for more surprises. In addition, Revelation Online Imperial Coins is hot sale on Gold.raiditem, welcome to buy!