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Stardust - First Major Update Will Arrive to Nuanor Soon

  • 2017-04-10 14:29:13
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Good News! Revelation Online official site announced the first major update named “Stardust” will arrive at Nuanor soon. I believe many players will be excited when they know this news. More details are available in the following parts. What's more, our professional team can offer you 100% safe and cheap Revelation Online Imperial Coins.


The official site announces this update includes the new Guild vs. Guild map Starshatter Island, the long-awaited Faerie’s Funland map, localization refinements and various bug fixes. We all know Revelation Online was launched into Open Beta several weeks ago. And this update aims to bring you new challenges to undertake with like-minded allies and guild members. Want to enjoy a different activity? If so, you can get it to complete a variety of content. And Revelation Online Coins can help you finish the task efficiently. 

If you like to party like Volopines do,  racoon-like friends invite you to join them in Faerie’s Funland, an amusement park where you can take a rest from your dangerous adventures and unleash your inner child. Look forward to various leisure activities along with massive amount of experience, gear progression loot, and other treasures!

Besides that, you can also Sharpen your blades, summon your guildmates, oil the mining-machines and prepare for battle on Starshatter Island. The map is rich with precious minerals that you and your allies must secure, lest they fall into the hands of opposing guilds who will reap the benefits for themselves. Only the strongest guilds will succeed here, so prepare for war and don’t let those resources fall into enemy hands!

We do not know the certain release date of “Stardust”. Be patient and wait for the official news. The lowest price Revelation Online Coins also available here! BTW, gold.raiditem is also a good choice if you need OSRS Gold