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How to Level Up in Revelation Online Effectively

  • 2017-04-10 14:39:13
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When veterans are enjoying Revelation Online open beta, the fresh players only want to know how to level up quickly and effectively. Attention here, you can know the effective way to level up after reading the following parts. You also need to buy items to play the game better. Gold.raiditem offers you lower price Revelation Online Coins to buy more items.


Many players think it is easy to pass 1-20 level but get stuck in the later level. And Revelation Online Imperial Coins can also be helpful to level up characters. Actually, you can take on Darkfall dungeon on easy mode at level 20 or above. You can do it 5 times each day. As it awards considerable experience, you had better take on any and all quests that you run into. 

Differently from other MMORPGs, daily quests play a great role on Revelation Online. Doing daily quests should be the easiest way to level up in this game. You can get a chunk of XP from if you can complete the daily quests. Never forget to claim your brand new wings to fly when you hit level 29. 

Between level 30 to 35, you will be able to access to a number of brand new dailies which can be finished about 5 times each day. Stick to do it, and you will hit the level cap much quicker. 

All in all, everything you do is to progress your character. There are six unique classes, over a hundred different skills, mounts to train and level, crafting skills to progress, relationships to nurture. If you can get to level 40, you’ll have access to a host of different ways to fight other players. 

Anyway, hope these guides could be helpful to level up your character quickly. Keep your eyes here if you want to know many others guides of Revelation Online. 100% safe and cheap Revelation Online Imperial Coins also available here. Come and buy now!