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Revelation Online: Role Play Convention Events Attract Players in June

  • 2017-06-06 18:15:55
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Dear Revelation Online players, have you spent a happy festival when the game Role Play Convention started opening for fans. Seeing the pictures or hot topics from the game's official page, there are three things worth noticing.


Those things can be divided into the following aspects. Gold.raiditem collect the most important parts, and show them briefly. Based on what we have shared, you may gain a clearer impression for the game. Besides, here you can buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins which also help you acquire good game experience. 

Role Play Convention Introduction
Last weekend, Skyforge & Revelation Online was heading to the Role Playing Convention. What's the surprise that game set especially for players? Yeap, you got the chance to enter into a bright and beautiful world in which colorful characters can be found. Additional, you might squared off against all manner of creatures in Aelion and Nuanor. The Role Play Convention would take you to witness creatures in the flesh.

Review of Role Play Events
Gold.raiditem invites you to purchase Revelation Online Coins One weeks has gone away from the beginning of the event. Are you curious about the activity taking place few days ago? Now let's back to the Role Play Convention and we had an absolute blast! Many picture or article are posted on its official website or its social medias like Facebook. If you wan to glut your eyes, just go! Surprisingly, some participants even bring Skyforge and Revelation Online to real life with their astounding cosplay costumes. If you has missed the event, don't worry. Some new elements inspired by the activity may be added into the game.

Talented Cosplayers: Erza and Kakao
During the event, two cosplayers would caught your attention. Erza and Kakao were regarded as  exceptionally talented cosplayers. They will showcase their unique wisdom when they become characters chosen from Skyforge and Revelation Online. if you are the fans of the game or simply wish to admire their ability to bring said games to life, why not drop by and say hello? You can also check out their fantastic work and show your support via their Facebook! 

Excellent events are far beyond Role Play Convention. And every week, funny activities await your participation. Gold.raiditem will offer you cheap Revelation Online Coins and go with you to witness more fun in game.