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Wealth of Additional Activities Coming To Revelation Online Soon

  • 2017-06-12 18:33:21
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.Recently, well-known MMO publisher has done an exciting action. It released details on a wealth of additional activities which turn out to appear in front of the public soon. That announcement may indicates that Revelation Online will get extra issues in it including Base Hunt, Guild Dragon and other items expected.


Revelation Online developed by NetEase, as a free-to-play massive multiplayer online role-playing game, continue to keep heatedly discussed among players, and has never be shadowed down by other competitors. Many gamers still buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins via the most reliable marketplace, gold.raiditem. They also express their favor for the latest adjustment of the game.

Base Hunt is one of the most things added into Revelation Online. This addition allows guild members to face off against other bosses around their own base. These events can occur at any time that there's 10 or more guild members in the base at the same time online during guild dailies. Don't ignore the influence of the guild members. The more guild members online, the more likely an event will be triggered. Besides,the guild activities can also be compensated by such things. 

Keep your eyes on Guild Dragon at the same time. It can be used by combine its function with Base Hunt. Guild Dragon allow you to follow up to Base Hunt, then you will gain the ability to summon a dragon after your guild reaches Funland level 2. This treasure-hoarding beast can be called upon once a week to be fought against. Within two hours, you will get good premium once you successfully slay the dragon. Please notice the time to ensure that you will miss the chance no longer.

According to the video and news posted on, things like instanced dungeons and scours in game will be possibly reset. By doing so, the players can challenge themselves to achieve a "server first" when reopening. Wel, the accurate time has been given. June 14th , servers will come to the stage with a newly-designed face. Logging in Revelation Online site, you are able to see the full list of dungeons and scours eligible for the face for a server first.

Before the new server and dungeons, we will keep using the existed items. It's still unclear what is the specific difference between the former and the latter. However, Revelation Online never lets you down, just like gold.raiditem. Deeply cultivated in the virtual game goods, we enjoy a high reputation for Revelation Online Coins trading. Lots of customers has left their good remarks on our website which show our 100% profession and unique price advance. Hope you can cooperate with us. Thanks for you patience!