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Take Your Fantastic Adventures in Revelation Online Ersich Forest

  • 2017-06-22 18:05:17
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Most of the time, the great pleasure that MMO games take to players not only lies in making them experiencing exciting fighting scene, but also lies in enabling them to see the different space sightseeing and feel the beauty of virtual world in game. Revelation Online is making Ersich Forest such a place to give you more fun. Now it's time for you to buy Revelation Online coins to start your divine adventures in Ersich Forest.


Here we will analysize it to you. Of course, we welcome you to buy Revelation Online Coins without hesitation. How we define the world of Ersich Forest? According to the game official introduction, it is a beautiful place located to the south of Sulan. With plenty of Peach Trees, Wishing Trees and little mushroom, the place will glut your eyes absolutely. Besides, Ersich Forest is well-known for the Jade Succulent which can be seen another valuable resources for crafters. Moreover, for some creatures in local place, this place is really a warm home forever. Last but not least, the native forks are able to find much delicacy. 

Apart from the above content, Ersich Forest is also home to Lady of the Forest. This character is  the guardian and goddess of this area. Under her protection, the natural landscape will be always attractive and the wooden get damaged no way. Once players start their adventurers on her good side, she can achieve the goal as much as possible. 

When you decide to explore this magic land, you will fall in love with it. Remember that Ersich Forest will be your first place to visit after arriving Sulan. Thus it is not necessary to spend much time and energy to find it. Actually, players come to here not only because it is worth watching due to various trees and flowers, monsters. They also focus on the Jade Succulent as the area boost a mount of Jade Succulent applied to crafting resources. Also, Revelation Online Imperial Coins should be used well to help a lot. 

With the exploration becoming deeper and detailed, players can look for fight they want to join. Meanwhile, you will also be shocked by Muskhorns in the forest, which is regarded as holisom for local people. If you are passionate with your exploration, you will find something more interesting. It is said that a goddess lives in the forest and she can help with a valuable quest as long as you could be on her side. 

No doubt that this newly-developed land make the game more charming. After reading our news, you may be eager to be one of the members of exploring Ersich Forest. And Revelation Online Imperial Coins is always siginificant in game play. You are sincerely recommended to buy Revelation Online Coins cheap & fast on gold.raiditem. You deserve 100% professional service!