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Fishing and Mythos Light Up Revelation Online Players With New Features

  • 2017-06-23 21:54:36
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The newly-updated content of Revelation Online Fishing and Mythos has made it way into fans' sight. Player now can get a glimpse of some secret info about the game characters because the newly-added elements leak out features unknown to payers before. Apart from Revelation Online Coins, now you may take an interest on Fishing and Mythos features.


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Players will feel easy to using Fishing when they want to catch more fish via fishing rod. According to the Revelation Online team's saying, the update is worth celebrating because they announced that content unseen in the former launch. Now in-game store has get new game version with costumes and gachas, as well as weapon apparels. 

Monkey King Apparels comes First. It is worn by Monkey King's courageous warriors. Every class is equipped with a Monkey King Apparel so that you can buy it as long as you think it deserve the value. The price given is 1688 Aurum for each class.

Then pay attention to the new costumes. Revelation Online Imperial Coins can help a lot if you want to get the clothing. Like cloths human beings dress, the costumes also make a difference when you want to keep your character fashionable and attractive during the hot summer season. Surprisingly, you will have the chance to see Obsidian costume displayed in store. What's more, Carved Runes II – IV is also available for players.

Finally, according to announcement, a new pack was introduced. It's a Gacha made out of plenty of useful items like currencies, apparels. But the items are far beyond mentioned here. Given taht you are enough lucky, you will get extra mounts. 

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