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Revelation Online Latest Hit: The Windswept Gauntlet Is Coming!

  • 2017-06-30 18:45:19
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When you play MMORPGs, you don't just want story quests, and you don't just want PvP content, you want some extra things to keep you entertained or push you to new levels. This could mean a raid, a special dungeon, going on a special quest, or, in the case of Revelation Online, going up against a string of bosses to see if you're one of the strongest characters in Nuanor. If you think that's something you'd be interested in, then stick around, because that's what's been introduced today.

Behold the Windswept Gauntlet, a proving ground of sorts that'll allow players to go up against intense boss characters to see if they're able to take the punishment they can offer. The rules are simple, you go to the valley, you pick a boss to fight, you see if you can beat it.

To be clear, these aren't dumbed down versions of bosses in Revelation Online, they're in fact the real deal. And in some cases, they'll have more skills than they do originally, so be ready for that.

Adding to the challenge is that your gear and stats will be "normalized. "What does this mean? Well, it means that characters are going to have to rely on skill and skill alone to win the day. If they can do that, they'll win. If not, well, nice knowing you!

There are 9 bosses to fight initially, all of which will mimic their counterparts in the real world as if you fought them in Expert Mode. Now, if you are able to beat all 9 bosses, then there's a special 10th boss waiting for you: Scarlet Wyrma, and this is one tough dragon.

Because of the rules of the Windswept Gauntlet, the Revelation Online team will let you practice before you get started. Also, there will be rewards weekly based on how many bosses you beat in that week.

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