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Revelation Online: Faery Agency Take Fun Aspects, Celebrations and Mini Games!

  • 2017-07-26 18:31:06
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MMORPGs are full of magic and continuously create fantastic quests for adventurers to explore bravely. All endless tasks come one by one and make players feel tired never. Revelation Online recently announced the Faery Agency which will bring a lot of fun aspects of the game. The Faery Agency is run by the kind Volopines of Nuanor that make Nuanor more enjoyable as they create many events in order to make the world a better place. If you are curious about where to buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins, welcome to!


Are you familiar with the Faery Agency?  Want to buy Revelation Online Coins for experiencing it? Well, it's a very special place run by Volopines that will give us all the tools which consist mostly of treasure maps and tickets that we so desperately need. At the same time, they have one mission – to work with everyone across Nuanor to create special celebrations and mini-games for people to enjoy.

So how this works is that you can go to the Agency, and let them know what you want to do. You can get tickets for mini-games and rides, or get treasure maps for some special treasure hunting. By investing some valuable time in doing the chores and games that the Volopines give out, the players will easily gain trust from them as well as some valuable rewards. Whatever you want to do, they can help you, as long as it's fun of course.

Plus, by doing things like Curious Events, Fish Parties, Star Velvet Weddings, Lady of the Forest, and Secret Alchemy, you'll actually earn favor with the Agency. And like everything else in Revelation Online, gaining favor with as many people as possible is a good thing. Additionally, you'll get rewards for completing games and tasks.

Besides, players have to be sure to prepare themselves for the treasure hunting trip that they eventually get handed to them. For the trip, the players will get a treasure map to help them find it and if they successfully do so, rewards are something for them to expect.Yeah, the Faery Agency did that, that's their amusement park, so if you really want to have fun, you can go there. The entire place is a giant board game!

So, as you can see, there are many funny things awaiting you! If you want to put your enthusiasm on Faery Agency, and make your Revelation Online Imperial Coins used in more meaningful ways, be sure to visit them when you play the game next time. Meanwhile, if you are interested in more details about the agency, visit the official announcement on the Revelation Online website or We never let you down!