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Revelation Online Shadowblade Update Come, Assassin Is the Only Class with Stealth Skills

  • 2017-12-05 14:42:18
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Revelation Online launched its Shadowblade update six days ago and the new update introduced the new Assassin class as well as the new class change system. With a new class, tons of new content and improvements, it might be time to dip your toe back into the free to play MMORPG. Keep in mind though that the class change system is unlocked after completing a quest at level 59.


If you've never played Revelation Online before now. It is a great time to buy revelation online imperial coins and make you jump in. It's a free to play fantasy MMORPG with some action elements developed by Netease - China's second largest game developer and published by Gold.raiditem has known that the game features a beautiful seamless open world, a good variety of classes, and plenty of unique mounts.

In this expansion, the highly anticipated seventh class, the Assassin, will step out from the shadows of Nuanor to make its lethal appearance. Highly trained at silently stalking its opponent, this class is a melee expert skilled both in daggers for short-range combat and chain weapons for mid-range assassinations.

It is also the only class in the game with stealth skills, changing the overall gameplay and allowing players to wait for the perfect moment to ambush enemies. Player will have the opportunity to experience this lethal combination of stealth and precision when the assassin class finds its way into Revelation Online soon.

In addition to the Assassin class, there will be all kinds of new content for the original classes including unique Class Areas with access to new vendors, Soul Grids, class-specific skill sets and abilities. Here is a list and description of the seven Class Areas:
Assassin Area – Scorpion Plains: The misty Scorpion Plains bring together the most lethal mercenaries.
Blademaster Area – Contender’s Peak: High above the clouds and guarded by wyverns, this rugged spot is a meeting place where Blademasters put their steel to the test and forge the mightiest weapons.
Gunslinger Area – Imperial Marksman Academy: The Gunslinger Class Area is located underground, flanked by an enormous pyramid. Countless silos ensure that there's always enough gunpowder to go around.
Occultist Area – Realm of Shattered Light: Ominous whisperings can be heard across this twilit haunt. Buzzards dot the sky, swooping down intermittently to torment the forgotten souls that wander the realm.
Spirit Shaper Area – Valley of Spirits: The Valley of Spirits is a gathering of hardy souls who seek to become one with nature. This lush expanse teems with exotic plant life and rare animals.
Swordmage Area – Starward Meridian: Swordmage disciples chose this snowy location for its unfettered view of the cosmos. It's also home to Ashwing Cranes, who yearn for fearless riders
Vanguard Area – Maple Ridge: Impregnable fortifications and Thundermane sentries ensure that no trespassers set foot in Maple Ridge. Vanguards train tirelessly to become elite soldiers.

The ShadowBlade Expansion is not just about shadows and daggers. Players can also expect the following features:

- “Venom ZX500” Questline: Players can get their hands on this mutated motorbike and hurtle the roads of Nuanor on their new mount. Deem yourself worthy and pass a few tests to be allowed to ride this monster.

- Class & Equipment Change: These features allow players to transform their current class to another one they want to play. Ideal for players who don't want to start a new class from the very first level.

Gamers, if you want to check out more details about how new features in Revelation Online update affect the gameplay, visit the official news or watch the reliable trailers by yourself. Meanwhile, Revelation Online Coins are still stored at gold.raiditem where cheap price and fast delivery are always guaranteed.