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Revelation Online: Prank Your Friends with Our Sinister Morph Packs!

  • 2017-12-29 17:33:56
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Christmas has been and gone, now it's time for New Year! Celebrate the occasion by morphing into your favourite denizen of Nuanor. From Small Rocklings to beautiful Qamaris, there is a creature everyone will love this festive season!


At the very beginning of new year, gold.raiditem wish you can gain a better performance in Revelation Online. So we continue to offer all kinds of game currency like wow gold eu, NBA 2K18 MT, Aion Kinah US. Of course the most important one is Revelation Online Coins. Until December 29th, 14:00 CET/05:00 PST, is offering a selection of fantastical Sludge Runes to help you celebrate New Year and beyond.

1. Sinister Morph Bundle - Priced at 120    
A bundle containing the following: Darkfall Beast King Sludge Rune, Dragonclaw Gorus Sludge Rune, Gohn Sludge Rune, Earkus the Brutish Sludge Rune, Samul Sludge Rune and Earkus Sludge Run    

2. Elemental Morph Bundle - Priced at 150
A bundle containing the following: Urgon's Sludge Rune, High Priest Wraith Sludge Rune, Hornling Sludge Rune, Bloodhorn Commander Sludge Rune, Silverback Vassal Sludge Rune and Elemental Brawler Sludge Rune    

3. Nature Morph Bundle - Priced at 180
A bundle containing the following: Qamari Sludge Rune, Black Butterfly Sludge Rune, White Butterfly Sludge Rune, Silvermoon Sludge Rune, Spider Queen Sludge Rune and Small Rockling Sludge Rune    

Transform into your favourite bosses in the open world, for a duration of 10 minutes per Sludge Rune you have time to scare your friends, joke around, make your Faerie’s Funland run a more intense experience or even take stylish pictures which you can share on social media!

In order to join the event in the valid period, hope you can remember the schedule. Let your friends burn in envy and check out the web shop by December 29th, 14:00 CET/05:00 PST to grab your pack before they creep away! Anyway, welcome to buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins at our site and enjoy fast delivery as well as competitive price. Special offers for other items still await you too!