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Revelation Online Guide: Easy way to Obtain Badges and Runes

  • 2017-05-02 16:53:28
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If you are a fan of the Revelation Online game, you must hope to obtain more badges and runes to increase your stats. But do you know how can you do in the areas? What gear and weapons you can wear and wield? This article will tell you the answer that how to get badges and runes easily and what they can do.


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1.Why players need to obtain Badges and Runes?
In Revelation Online, you can use them to increase your stats in a significant way. You can even see where the badges go for your character in the character window. The trick for this is that you can only get a certain number of badges each week, that is to say, you’ll need to be fast in order to make the most of the limited opportunity presented to you.

2. How to obtain badges?
In Revelation Online, there are several ways to obtain badges, most of which are weekly limited. Badges provide players with amazing stat increases. Players can buy a Level 1 Badge Gift per week as well as Badge Fragments at Borfen Zur and Borfen Non. When reaching the end of a story quest, players will also receive a level 2 badge. If players get an undesirable badge for their class via the story mode, they can salvage the level 2 badge and receive 9 badge fragments to craft another one themselves.

3.How to obtain Runes? 
Runes are additional effects for badges over level 4. There are three types of runes.
Normal: obtained through Normal Rune Boxes (purchased from NPCs or synthesized using 30 Normal Rune Fragments).
Advanced: obtained through Advanced Rune Boxes (chance of being obtained from synthesizing 30 Normal Rune Fragments or by synthesizing 30 Advanced Rune Fragments).
Ultimate: obtained through Ultimate Rune Boxes (by combining 99 Ultimate Rune Fragments).

Don’t forget that players can buy Normal Rune Boxes at Borfen Zur as well as Borfen Non. You can use the Box to receive a random Normal Rune.

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