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How to Explore Quests in Revelation Online

  • 2017-05-03 17:57:35
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Maybe you have troubling in exploring quests. Here we edited a piece of guide so that you do better while playing Revelation Online. And we try to analyze what they are and where to find them from quests’perspectives.


Exploration Introduction
Exploration quests are a series of weekly quests.Based on the quests, players are assigned the task of locating various NPCs regarding the different regions in the world of Nuanor. Every quest is made up by 25 small pieces. Apart from Revelation Online Imperial Coins in game, finishing each Exploration Quest also help players get a large amount of experience points, Imperial Notes, faction favors, and other rewards as well. 

Good way to find:
1. For scenarios you love most, you must keep stable and accurate screenshots during your journey and hold races between your partners. 
2. Different quests available can be explored by all players. In this process, Revelation Online Coins is used to help your role upgrade. Unlock the first Exploration Quest requires at least 20 level. And if you want to unlock two additional quests, you need reach 30-50 level. 

Where to Start
If players begin to seek for these Exploration Quests, they must first locate the starting NPC for each of them. If you’re unsure where these NPCs are located, you can always click on the quest and click on the NPC’s name to enable the auto-tracking feature.

Group Bonuses
Make sure to party with up to 4 other people to get TONs of experience from these quests, each additional person will increase the amount of experience rewarded for each quest completion.

The Rewards
Completion of these Exploration Quests will reward players with huge amounts of experience points, Imperial Notes, faction favours for the areas you have travelled through, Peculiar Tickets, and a Journey Gift Pack from the region. 

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