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Emollion Server Will Be Gone after July 9-

  • 2018-06-27 18:10:01
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The Revelation Online recently released a big news for everyone. They are going to make a big change of their servers. The Emollion server will no loner be exist after the update of July 9th. All the population of Emollion will be transferred to the Tidewater server that day. That means the Tidewater server will be more bigger and you'll meet more powerful players.


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Since this is a big server merge, what will happen to players of Emollion and Tidewater? Find out below.

- Players' rating and characters' names will be changed in Tidewater. In cases where they will coincide with characters' names from their previous server.

- All the possession of the Emollion server will be transferred to Tidewater with them, you'll lose nothing.

- Tidewater players will keep their statues and possession. They will not be influenced.

- Tidewater server will be fully a fully developed server to provide players a better game experience.

Players don't need to worry about anything. This server merge will be done during a maintenance. You are barely influenced, except you may drop out of the "top players zone".

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