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ROI Updates: The Dawn Of The Magician Is Coming

  • 2018-07-20 16:52:51
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Nexon and WeMade announced that they will release an update to the new Magician course on July 26, bringing a new category to the Riders of Icarus. The Magician's Dawn update will be available to everyone for free, and everyone can create a new magician course to entice you into chaos!


Here, we want to tell you about the summer update of the game content. It will include a new area called Magician Dawn, and she is ready to help defend Hakanas with her destructive dark power. Buy ROI gold, then turn into Trickster to become an idol or become a dark magician to defend the people in her own way. Anyway, you will get something interesting!

Not all the Shalings have the capacity to become a Trickster, there are those that lack the power given by the Goddess and instead are imbued with the power of Chaos from the Onyx Order. The Dawn of the Magician is here and she's ready to help defend Hakanas with her destructive dark power or maybe she just wants to get a few laughs out of her pranks.

If you thought the Shaling were already strong because of the Goddess’s power, you thought wrong. Magicians may have received the short end of the stick with Ellora’s magic but the power of Chaos will always be able to fill that void.

In regard to the contrasting difference between the Trickster and the Magician, the Trickster is destined to be the idol of people and generate laughs and giggles from all around. The Magician turned out to be a prankster for her own laughs and fun because of her not being able to be as attuned to Ellora’s magic. Click to get fast and cheap Riders of Icarus gold now.

Perhaps in her own way, the Magician would rather be spiteful and arrogant and be seen as bad but she knows in her heart and mind that when there’s trouble coming, she’ll be there to defend the people.

While the Trickster may be all things cute and cuddly, the Magician on the other hand is all about that darkness. Her destructive power due to Chaos and skillful use of the Wizard’s two-hand staff equals devastating carnage. The Magician while originally blessed with Ellora’s magic can still access this untapped power and fight with both the power of light and chaos.

Mark your calendars as the update goes live on July 26. The Dawn of the Magician is coming. You can continue visit our website for more news about the upcoming update. Here, we has prepared a mount of cheap ROI gold to provide you the best game experience!