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Riders of Icaru "Shadows of Turimnan" Update Preview -

  • 2018-09-07 15:16:59
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Riders of Icarus "Shadows of Turimnan" update is coming soon. You will be able to explore a whole new area, tame new magicians and wake up your weapons.


On the way to destroy the Stone of Devil again and again, our fearless hero fell into a war that lasted for decades in an ancient land called Turimnan. Are you ready to take another adventure through the land that has been attacked by insects in the civil war? Now gold.raiditem is very happy to share with you the main features of the Shadow of Turimnan update. You can also go to gold.raiditem to buy a lot of cheap ROI Gold and start your crazy adventure.

Hunt Your Way Through The Turimnan Valley

Turimnan Valley is an ancient land inhabited by Insects. These people have provided to the environment as it has provided for them. As time flew, the Insect Kingdom grew prosperous and have contributed to the battle between against the great dragon and won. Since then, the God of Ruin has sought to create chaos between the Insect Kingdom and Hakanas and started a war that would be it's downfall. With the Insect Kingdom in shambles and humans starting settlements, Turimnan Valley is no longer exclusively for Insects. Take a stand against the Insect Legion corrupted by the God of Ruin and protect both humans and Insects alike to reclaim the Turimnan Valley from Zelnaris.

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Level Cap Inrease

The all new Shadow of Turimnan update will introduce an level cap increase to level 67! Prove yourselves and become stronger as you conquer the skies on the ride of your life!

New Dungeon: Destroy The Demonic Stone Once And For All

You'll have to recover the missing Demonic Stone and fight your way through the Tomb of the Wyrm and defeat Kurodian to get to Magmafora! But the tomb has been habing inhabitants lately as Kurodian have been experimenting with the Insects and Humans alike. Head towards the Tomb of the Wyrm and stop this madness to establish peace between two warring races! Buy ROI Gold at gold.raiditem si your best choice.

New Familiars: Tame Over 15 Familiars That Adapted With Turimnan’s Environment

Explore an entirely new region crawling with new familiars! Observe these creatures in their natural habitat and observe. how much their environment has treated them and how they've adapted to the current conditions!

The above is a preview of all the information in this update, ready for the ride of a lifetime, and pay attention to the shadow of Turimnan! If you need Riders of Icarus Gold, is the best place.