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Corruption of Light Gets New Content

  • 2017-05-10 16:58:28
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Good news for Riders of Icarus players. The game will embrace its new expansion with the new content added into the Corruption of Light. Up to now, it's still unclear that whether the expansion will get its new name or not.


Even though we don't know the new edition's name, so much information awaits us to discuss. Gold.raiditem welcomes you to buy ROI Gold if you like and support the game all the time. Let's look at what's new content added in Corruption of Light.

New Functions for Payers
Nexon America has claimed that Riders of Icarus has been updated with the Corruption of Light content expansion. So what does it mean? Players have a pair of new zones to explore new quests and adventures. Additionally, the Transcendence System allows players to upgrade and enhance equipment if they take part in it.

Items for Different Levels 
At level 49: Together with Riders of Icarusl Gold, players can find 230 new quests, 2 new Field Raid bosses, the Forgotten Shrine, legendary dungeons, weapons. 
At level cap of 55: Players can have new field bosses to tackle. In addition, with a pair of new skills, this level allows players to further upgrade characters with new gears set from the Forgotten Sanctuary.

Three New Legendary Dungeons
If you has improved your skills through ROI Gold or other extra bonus, you are likely to be one of the top players. The update features three new Legendary Dungeons for the best players to explore and conquer.

Transcendence System on Board
1.What is it? 
The Corruption of Light update also introduces a new system called "Transcendence". It allows Riders to absorb identical gear and weapons to enhance and upgrade the stats of another.
2. How does it work?
Riders need to acquire an identical piece of gear or weapon, and a Modest or Austere Heroic Transcending Stone.

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