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ROI New Update Changes Revealed on

  • 2018-09-27 12:08:35
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New update is coming in ROI. Lots of new changes and rewards are waiting for you. Curious about these new changes? Don't worry, all details can be found below. You can have a preview of these extraordinary changes and events.

article can't wait to tell you that there will be a new NPC for October Reward Writ. Also, there will be lots of buffs which will help you to conquer the challenges. Besides, you may want to buy ROI gold to upgrade and enhance yourself. Just head to our website directly! We offer you cheapest price and instant delivery. Please contact us to learn more. Here are the major changes, check them out now.

- Added Icarus Day Buff- Will activate after maintenance from 27th of September to 11th of October.


Character EXP +100%

Familiar EXP +100%

Fishing Chance +10%

Taming Chance +10%

Tempering Chance +10%

Dropped Money Total +50%

- Removed Expedition Preparation Buff

- Removed Money drop Increased by 150%

- Removed Crokhoon's Expedition Funds HOT Time Event

- Removed the rewards Catnip, Pure Gold Ingot, and Hero's Blessing Potion

Besides, the Ellora's shop will also be updated this time. More new items are available when the update is done. Further information about ROI will be released on, please stay tuned on our site for the latest information. If you need cheap Riders of Icarus Gold then we are definitely your first choice. We’d be honored to help you and be your partner.