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May's Hot Discussions of Riders of Icarus Collected by Gold.raiditem

  • 2017-06-01 18:01:29
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Dear Riders of Icarus players, have you enjoyed lingering on some active game forums? As we know, we can horizon our eyes and find out unique game skills via looking through good online communities. Here we collected some interesting news from Riders forum to give you more clear details of the game.


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Rabbini's Invasion:
In this season, a giant Rabbini has started its invasion of Hakain's Crossing. With the story development, his attacks become more fierce as if he is an angry lion. To start with, you need to deal with this monstrosity. Then take down the minions it summons! Hakain's Crossing will be in great danger because Lucious Volifax Rabbini will spawn outside it every 2 hours. However, there are still good weapons to be uses to deal with invasion of the mighty Rabbini king. He can be destroyed by some specific weapons!

Overall Update Based on Players' Feedback: 
Players will buy ROI gold to play the game and keep long-term concern for it. Why? some major changes about the game has been upgraded. Those changes include game data, community feedback, game issues and special experience. Based on tweaks, the Riders of Icarus will gradually increase players' gameplay experience.

Server Merge For Hakain and Kalas:
Another good news is worth reading. It is informed that Riders of Icarus is performing a Server Merge for the Hakain and Kalas server on May 31st."Teleos" will be the final name of the new server. Well, things about the time of the maintenance as well as instructions will come into reality in the following days. Besides, you should pay attention to the below information related to your characters.
Characters from two servers will be merged into the new "Teleos" server. And your scores may maintain the same, but your ranking changes when your score compete against other players. 

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