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Do You Know These Details of Riders of Icarus Tempering Items

  • 2017-04-10 15:00:16
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Every MMORPG player must know the importance of items. In order to get items, you need to complete quests and finish dungeons. And different items have different functions. Today, I want to tell you some details of Tempering Items. If you want to progress easily, you can buy Riders of Icarus Gold with lower price here.


Tempering is the act of upgrading equipment through the use of tempering stones. Tempering items can increase the weapon's base stats. Thus many players need to buy ROI Gold for more items. Tempering stones are very necessary for temper equipment. Higher level tempering stones have a greater chance of a successful temper, and stones that are of a lower level than the equipment being tempered will always result in failure. 

Once tempering stones have been acquired, right-click on the desired tempering stone and then left-click on the equipment to be tempered. A dialogue box will open showing a rough description of the success rate, with Very High being the highest chance of success, followed by High, Normal, Low, Very Low, and 0%. The equipment to be tempered will be displayed right below this success rating, and right below it will be displayed the result of a successful tempering, particularly the increase in its base stats. 

If the player is satisfied, they can then select Confirm to begin the tempering. Equipment can be tempered a number of times depending on the level, ranging from a possible maximum of 5 to 20. Higher level gears tend to have a higher maximum number of temperings. 

What do you think about the tempering Items after reading this article? Keep your eyes here if you want to know more Riders of Icarus game guides. BTW, don't be hesitated to buy ROI Gold here. 100% safe and cheap ROI Gold is guaranteed! Big bonus waiting for you!