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Join Riders of Icarus Attendance Event and Win Various Rewards in September!

  • 2017-09-28 14:57:21
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September has nearly come to an end, and what is the most exciting event in MMOPRG that you have joined or have missed? If you are a loyal fan of Riders of Icarus, you may hear of the Attendance event. It's filled with all sorts of rewards for you to claim, and you just need to play the game every day for at least half an hour to get them.


Looking the series of articles about ROI at gold.raiditem which is the best place for gamers to buy ROI Gold. you will find that we have introduced the event already. Well, here we'd like to list further details and information about the event and its prizes down below.

So let's start with the rules, which are pretty simple as in every Attendance event. You just need to log into the game and then stay logged in for 30 minutes. Seems pretty simple, and it's not a lot of time, so you can maybe do some quests or participate in PvP, and just like that, you get a free reward. The rewards, as always, are very useful and some of them are rare items that will definitely come in handy in your adventures, so that should be enough motivation for you to log in every day and obtain your rewards.

At least make sure you claim the reward on Day 6, the Cloudhorn Ram, which is an incredibly cute and also powerful Heroic rank pet familiar. It comes with the following skills:

Mythic Resilience:
Woolen Wings (Level 1: Physical Attack increased by 3%, Health increased by 5% and Magic Attack increased by 3%,  Level 50: Physical Attack increased by 27%, Health increased by 25% and Magic Attack increased by 27%)

These activities are different what you see in other games whether for play mode or storyline. You will be willing to input more Riders of Icarus Gold for this game.

Other rewards from this Riders of Icarus event include Fishing Tackle Boxes, Event Boxes, Ellun, Blessed Elite Tempering Stone, and more! If interested in them, just come to the game's official site to lear more details.

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