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Five Easy Ways To Farm ROI Gold Fast -

  • 2018-06-22 17:52:07
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It's candid to get gold in Riders of Icarus. Players can earn a decent amount of gold doing various of activities, including the usual drops when killing monsters and other enemies, quest rewards, or selling items. will detail the five best ways of earning gold in Riders of Icarus.


Gold play important role in all MMO games, Riders of Icarus is no exception. You might not need immediately, but it'll definitely be useful or at least nice to have. This is a guide from the Best seller of getting ROI gold in Riders of Icarus. Please continue to read now.


While Riders of Icarus possesses a deep crafting system, allowing players to create weapons, armor, potions, accessories and so on, Alchemy is the only craft that I'd consider investing time into, at least early on. That is because, in the case of weapons, armor and accessories, for example, anything you can craft will easily be outranked by either quest rewards, or dungeon drops. In contrast, Alchemy provides a number of different potions that players can hardly be obtained through other means. Health potions and Constitution buff potions will have an especially high demand as remaining alive in Riders of Icarus is not always an easy task, and dying has consequences. always provide the most cheap Riders of Icarus Gold for players.

Kellwoods Farms

Kellwoods farms is a small cluster in the Hakanas Highlands region where vampire peasants tend to roam around in groups of five. This is the earliest gold farming spot in the game where players can lure dozens of enemies and kill them all at once with AOE. It is generally recommended to fight them with the spear mounted weapon (as it possesses various AOE skills), while riding a mount that increases the character's health/defense, strength, or physical critical rate/damage. For those farming in groups, having a Priest on stand-by for buffs and heals should help greatly.


Unsurprisingly, dungeons remain the best way to obtain a good amount of money in RoI. For starters, the enemies inside drop much more money than those in the other world (I'd estimate it roughly at 5-10 times the amount). These dungeons also have various bosses and sub-bosses that drop gear, recipes and raw materials that can easily be sold in the auction house. The drop rate also changes according to the difficulty of the dungeon completed.

Reselling Items

Players can re-sell frequently bought items, and items necessary for improving gear ,crafting of all sorts ,and rare items such as legendary familiar equipment. Some reselling is a no-brainer if you happen to find some obviously under priced item, but mostly it requires following market trends, anticipating future need of items, etc. This method also requires start up capital.

Reselling items required for crafting:

Mysterious Fragment (which is huge right now)

Mithril Ore

Amethyst Ore

All spirit remnant type, and many more

Buy From Gold Seller

It's no doubt that buying the ROI Gold from sellers is the easiest and fastest way. You can search the key word "Riders of Icarus Gold" in Google, then there appears a list of gold suppliers, just choose and compare.

Regardless, the above methods can help the players to gain ROI gold more easily and quickly. Of course, it takes time and effort. If you do not have enough time, it is also a good choice to choose to buy. We will provide you the cheapest Riders of Icarus Gold and the most secure service.