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RIFT: Enhance Yourself With New Power Pack Now!

  • 2018-09-14 11:20:11
  • RIFT platinum
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A new power pack is now available in RIFT. As the best power pack you have never met in this game, Fires of Maelforge Power Pack will bring you huge benefits. Are you curious about this game pack? Find the details below.


According to RIFT official website, there will be a mount inside this pack. And the mount alone can bring you huge power. Therefore, you will need numerous RIFT platinum to buy this pack if you want to be more powerful. And as your most loyal friend, is happy to offer you platinum at the cheapest price. Please contact us to enquire if you are interested. 

The mount inside this power pack named Maelforge Broodling Mount. It's huge and ruthless but powerful. With its help, you can complete all challenges in-game easily. Besides, the pack also include a huge 40-slot bag and the Forgemaster's Inferno Costume helm.

In addition, there will also be 2,000,000 Loyalty points. It's absolutely a good choice to swoop in and level up your Loyalty Tier before this limited time sale ends! And the Estrodian Wings are not included in this pack, but you can get them in the RIFT In-game store, for 3,150 credits! This includes both the cosmetic and mount version of the wings!

No more hesitation, jump in game and get this wonderful Fires of Maelforge Power Pack now! You can always buy RIFT platinum on at any time. We will always by your side and support you. All you need to do is enjoy the game and get everything you want. Log in game now and enjoy!