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Have You Noticed New Content Changes While Playing OSRS on Mobile?

  • 2018-07-16 15:55:17
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The OSRS Android Beta has last for a while. Thanks to all the players who have played the game on mobile, the developers find out some small issues form their feedback. Of course, developers make new content changes to solve these issues. So, we make a list about the content changes for you to finger out what's new when you play OSRS.


New changes include many aspects. You may find out they can help you get osrs items more easier. That means you can spend less osrs gold for leveling up. But, you can seek help from if you think it’s still too slow for you to level up by gathering these items in game. Visit our website to find out what we can offer you later. Now, please focus on the list of content changes.

- The login flow for existing players has been streamlined. 

- When you try to buy osrs items in the bank, the chatbox will now also display a count of how many items have been found meeting the search criteria. This is especially helpful to players on mobile who are unable to see much of the bank due to the amount of screen covered by the keyboard.

- After tapping the battery indicator to display your current charge percentage, you can now tap it again to dismiss this.

- Quick-prayers can now be activated whilst the World map is minimised.

- Some issues with overlapping interfaces on Tutorial Island have been addressed.

- The logout menu now contains a link to our Support Centre, this is for platform compliance reasons.

- You are now able to tap anywhere within the chatbox to continue dialogue with NPCs. The Tap to continue messaging proved quite annoying to navigate.

That's only the first content changes. Developers will continue to improve OSRS on mobile based on your feedback. Gold.raiditem will also update the latest information for you constantly. Remember to visit our website to buy osrs gold. Our website is always the best to buy it safely without registration.