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Home >> RS 2007 >> Tell You How to Defeat Verzik Vitur Easily Pt.1 Tell You How to Defeat Verzik Vitur Easily Pt.1

  • 2018-07-19 15:17:48
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Since "Theater of Blood" is released, this new expansion is very popular among all OSRS players. But lots of players are stuck in the final battle with Verzik Vitur. As the final boss, Verzik Vitur is really hard to defeat. Also, the fight with her will go through 3 phases. Players can barely win at the end.


In order to help, make this guide for you. You can learn the way Verzik Vitur attacks and how you can reply her attacks in this article. And this is not the only thing we can do for you. If you want to get osrs gold quickly without spending plenty of time farming it in game. You can buy osrs gold at the cheapest price on our website. Visit our website and learn more details later. Let's check the guide first. 

Phase Ⅰ

One player starts the fight by talking to Verzik; they will also be the first Dawnbringer user. The Dawnbringer's special attack must be used to remove Verzik's shield, as all other sources of damage are greatly reduced. Each special attack cast costs 35% energy. When timed correctly, each player has time for two specials between her attacks before running back to safety behind a pillar. Immediately upon returning to safety the Dawnbringer should be dropped to the next player.

Verzik will attack the team from her throne, shooting out blue projectiles which can be blocked by hiding behind pillars (which take the damage). Each pillar can generally take 3 to 4 hits and then collapse, heavily damaging and stunning any adjacent players. All players should stand one square away from the pillar for safety and run to the next just before the current pillar collapses.

Protect from magic lowers Verzik's max hit. Without protection her blue magic attack can hit over 104. Once her shield is removed, she will fly out of her throne and phase two begins.

Phase Ⅱ

Now, Verzik is in the middle of the room. Protect from missiles should be used for this portion of the fight because it will halve the damage of her white-purple urn bombs attack. Verzik can launch a blue electric projectile that moves up to four times between players; on the fourth bounce, or if no one else is near enough the target, the orb deals a large amount of damage to the player. You need to be in motion for the orb to move. Run under Verzik to target her instead or pass it so that the ball goes through Verzik's tile. Wearing insulated boots will halve the damage of the blue ball explosion.

She can summon Nylocas to assist her. The common Nylocas do not attack players but will follow a specific player and explode on contact; dealing heavy damage. They will automatically explode after a set amount of time if they cannot reach their target so running away or freezing them in place is advised. She can also summon purple Nylocas Athanatos, who heal her. They can be killed by attacking them with a poison inflicting weapon (generally Tentacle Whip or Toxic Blowpipe), which will cause them to inflict heavy poison onto her.

Standing within melee distance during her standard attack rotation will cause her to body slam players near her, tossing them a fair distance away and stunning them which almost guarantees they'll be hit with the subsequent white-purple urn ranged attack. Players can safely melee Verzik during this phase by timing their attack between her animations and stepping back to avoid the body slam stun. When meleeing it's also important to not move back to the same tile since it will have been targeted with her white-purple urn range attack so an L shape pattern should be used when attacking and stepping back.

Upon reaching 35% of her health she will primarily use a red magic attack so switching to Protect from Magic is advised though she does continue to use her white-purple urn range attack and the electricity ball. From 35% until the end of Phase 2 she will periodically summon two Nylocas Matomenos which must be killed, as she will absorb them after some time and heal equal to their remaining health just like the Maiden. Do not attack her during the spawn animation of the spiders where verzik throws here head back or she will instead heal any damage she would have taken. Players should deal as much damage to Verzik as possible between red spider spawns so special attacks can be used to help whittle her down quickly.

That's quite a lot of information for you to understand. So, the guide of Phase Ⅲ will be revealed tomorrow. You can check part 2 of this guide on then. Before that, you are very welcomed to buy osrs gold on our website to prepare for your fight with Verzik. It's our pleasure to help you and be your assistance of your glorious quest.