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  • 2018-07-20 12:28:53
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Previously we shared a guide about defeating Verzik Vitur easily. You can find that article on our website. But we only talked about how to go through Phase Ⅰ and Phase Ⅱ. Today, we are going to tell you how to defeat Verzik Vitur in Phase Ⅲ.


Once you win Phase Ⅲ, you'll be the one who conquered Theater of Blood. tThis is  the most dangerous and important  fight. So, you'd better have huge osrs gold in stock to prepare for this final battle. For your information, is the best osrs gold seller who focused on this filed fore decades. You can buy osrs gold at the cheapest price on our website without registration. Contact us to learn more after you read this article. Let's check out how to slay Verzik Vitur and win. 

Phase Ⅲ

In this phase, Verzik's chains break and she lands on the floor in a vampyre-nylocas form. During this phase Verzik has three normal attacks and four special attacks that she uses in a fixed, repeating order.

She can use all combat styles and her projectile attacks will hit all players in the room - stomping her front limbs launches ranged barbs, while crackling with blue energy will launch a blue orb magic attack. If the targeted player is within melee distance she also can use a crush based melee attack which hits harder than her projectiles. Having the appropriate prayer up will stop most of the damage from these attacks so it's important to switch prayers accordingly. She'll focus a single player at a time and follow them around the room so keep your distance when possible.

Verzik's special attacks include:

1.Spiders - Like the previous phase, she will summon a random generic Nylocas that follows a player and explode upon contact for high damage or after a set amount of time.

2.Webs - Verzik goes to the center of the room and starts shooting out webs from her abdomen. If players are caught in the webs, other players can free them. Otherwise, it will snap for heavy damage. The webs have 10 health each.

3.Yellow Projectile - Verzik becomes invulnerable and charges up a powerful attack from her abdomen. A yellow aura (one for each player) will also appear around her, which players should stand on to block her incoming attack. The aura only affects one player, so players should stand on separate auras. Failing to stand on the tiles will deal heavy damage.

4. Green Ball - Verzik launches a green ball at a player. The ball must be bounced three times to allow it to dissipate safely. If the ball hits a player with no one in range, or hits the same player twice, the ball will explode for heavy damage.

Verzik will use four of her standard attacks followed by a special attack in the exact order given above: spider spawn, webs, yellow projectiles, green ball. The cycle will repeat once completed. Knowing this teams can prepare for each special, usually by coordinating locations for the various effects.

When she reaches 20% of her hitpoints, she will yell "I'm not done with you yet!" and summon a purple magical pillar of fire for every player in the room, which slowly homes in on them. This must be avoided by continuously moving around the room or heavy damage will be taken and Verzik will heal the damage dealt. This is easily the hardest part of Phase 3 as each heal will considerably slow down the fight so the purple columns should be avoided at all costs. A consistent method to minimise the potential for mistakes is to use high burst damage special attacks, specifically dragon claws or the crystal halberd, to kill Verzik as quickly as possible during this stage.

You must be constantly moving to avoid the purple columns so extra care during the web and yellow projectile specials is important. Specifically dodging the yellow projectile attack while avoiding the purple column is extremely difficult as staying on the tile too long will let the purple column catch up to you so careful timing is needed to avoid both. Depending on her current spot in her attack rotation it can be worth it then to delay hitting Verzik below 20% until just after the yellow projectile attack. Doing so will leave plenty of time to kill Verzik before the next yellow projectile special would occur as she'd then have to go through a full attack cycle.

Once Verzik is finally defeated, her throne will collapse revealing a secret entrance to her treasure room. Then, you can possess her treasure.

Now, you know the whole guide of defeating Verzik. It's time to test this guide in game. Gold.raiditem believe you can conquer Theater of Blood easily with this guide's help. Also, you can buy osrs gold on our website before you start your quest. You are very welcomed to visit our website or contact us. It's our honor to help you.