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Check Out OSRS New Changes on

  • 2018-07-23 12:13:54
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There are some new game changes coming in OSRS this week. Are you curious about these changes ? Do you want to know what they will bring you? Find out all the details in this article now.

article make this game changes list for you as we always do. We can also help you in many aspects. You can buy osrs gold at the cheapest price on our website. And our instant delivery policy can make sure that you will absolutely receive your cheap osrs gold within 1 hour. Learn more details on our official website. Now , let’s check out all the game changes first.

Mobile Content Changes

- Your friends logging in and logging out will no longer cause the Private chat tab to flash. It will still continue to flash when messages are received.

- The chatbox has been reduced in size to prevent overlap with other interfaces, such as the XP interface.

- The Kourend Favour overlay will now correctly expand when tapped on mobile.

- Some interfaces have been updated to help them avoid overlapping other interfaces which may be open. Updated interfaces include: Castle Wars, Wintertodt, Chambers of Xeric, Motherlode Mine, the Pinball random event, Galvek's hitpoints bar, killcount within the God Wars Dungeon, and the Volcanic Mine. This is just a fraction of the interfaces that’ll need to be adjusted in this way, but since they need to be changed individually, the rest will be fixed gradually throughout the coming weeks.

- There's now an additional option to have split private chat. There's also an additional option to stop split chat from appearing when the All tab is closed. Do note that when split chat is enabled it will overlap with any interface located in the top left of the screen.

- The battery icon, network connection icon, and the battery charging icon have all been tweaked to improve their appearance.

Bank Deposit Boxes

The developers have added the deposit boxes to new locations. You can now farm osrs gold within new Deposit Boxes in these locations: Clan Wars/ Shantay Pass/ Duel Arena/ Etceteria/ Motherlode Mine / Barbarian Assault/ Mage Arena (the bank, not the actual arena)/ Legends' Guild /Mount Quidamortem/ Rogues' Den/ Arceuus/ Lovakengj/ Hosidius/ Kourend Castle/ Lunar Isle

All game changes of this week are mentioned above. You can log in game and test these changes now. hope you can have fun and enjoy. Of course, you are extremely welcomed to buy osrs gold on our website to get quick upgrade. We’d be very glad to hear from you.