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Check Out The Latest OSRS PvP Changes on

  • 2018-08-13 11:15:21
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Recently OSRS developers have made lots of new changes in game. This time they are going to make some small changes in PvP mode. Although these are small changes, your benefits might be damaged if you don't know them. You never want that to happen.


Therefore, want to share all the information we know about new changes with you. By the way, you can get huge cheap OSRS gold on our website if you want to enhance yourself to win your enemies in PvP mode. We make it fast, cheap and safe to buy OSRS gold online without registration. And if you give it a go, you will know that we are absolutely the best. You can try it later. Right now, let's reveal your concerned PvP changes first.

Upgraded Looting Bag Functionality  

The Looting bag has received a big update to its functionality! It now has an Open option which, when selected, makes every item you pick up go straight into the Looting bag whilst in the Wilderness. Items will go into your inventory when the Looting bag is closed. You can still Check to see the contents of the bag by right-clicking. Developers have also reduced the cost of the Looting bag in the Bounty Hunter store from 150,000 points to 10,000. 

PID Changes

On Bounty Hunter, PvP and tournament worlds, PID will randomise more often. In these worlds, PID will randomise every 40 to 60 game ticks (24 to 36 seconds) per player rather than the previous 100 to 150 game ticks (60 to 90 seconds) per player. Feel free to try out the changes on these worlds. In addition, the way PID works within the duel area has not changed. 

Bounty Hunter Targets in Deep Wilderness

You can now speak to the Emblem Trader in Edgeville to toggle the ability to receive Bounty Hunter targets above level 10 wilderness. By default you will still receive targets above level 10 Wilderness. To change this, speak to the emblem Trader to toggle this option. believe that you will have a great game experience with these small changes. They will help you get more fun and more OSRS gold in game. Please enjoy them. If you need any help, just contact us. We are always by your side.