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OSRS Deadman Winter Season Kicks off on September 15th |

  • 2018-08-23 11:42:24
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The Deadman autumn season is approximately come to an end. You must want to enjoy this wonderful event again. Fortunately, the Winter Season will arrive OSRS on September 15th. But this time some changes will be made in Winter Season.

article will share these changes today to help you get prepared for this upcoming event in advance. Besides, you can get some cheap osrs gold on our website to enhance yourself. If you do so, maybe you will be the next champion if you sign up Winter Season.  

New Changes 

- NPCs killed in the Wilderness have a chance to roll on a new global Wilderness loot table. The chance is relative to the combat level of NPC, the higher the combat level the greater the chance of hitting the global Wilderness loot table. If you're fortunate enough to hit this loot table you'll be rewarded with some of the most powerful weapons to be found in-game, known as the Ancient Warriors equipment. 

Note: The Ancient Warriors equipment are tradeable and do not degrade.  

- Verac's flail is no longer a possible reward from the Barrows chest. 

- The size of the Quarter Final and Semi Final arenas used in the 1v1 stage of the Permadeath stage has been increased to match that of the Final arena. 

- The requirement for completion of Hand in the Sand to access The Magic Guild Store has been removed. 

- Starter kits will now be cleaned up (alongside other food items) when in the 1v1 stage of the Permadeath stage. 

- The requirement for having started Dragon Slayer to equip or use anything-Antifire has been removed. 

- The Dorgeshuun crossbow and Bone bolts will be added to the Varrock Archery Store, Catherby Fletching Store and the Ranging guild's bow and arrow store.

- The global loot table, which yields: food, runes, potions, and herblore supplies, has been rebalanced. There will now be a higher chance of receiving food, meaning that there'll be a lower chance of receiving other supplies. 

- Teleblock will now last for 150 seconds, or for 75 seconds whilst Protect from Magic is active. 

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