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OSRS: Portal Nexus Comes Alongside New Update-

  • 2018-09-12 10:54:02
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According to the developers of OSRS, they have spent a long time to make all players enjoy a brand new and interesting update. There will also be a new feature named Portal Nexus come alongside this update soon.


Based on the information know, The Portal Nexus is a large portal that would be built in a new POH room, fittingly named the "Nexus" room, at level 72 Construction. For those players who are under level 72, it's time to buy osrs gold on our website now to upgrade yourself. 

The Nexus room requires 72 Construction and 200k gold to build. Once done, you'll be able to build the Portal Nexus, which is placed in the centre of the room. Activating the Portal Nexus will open an interface with all the available teleports - these can either be clicked on or you can use the keybind shortcuts we'll include for ease of use. 

For a teleport to become available, you'll need to first unlock the ability to use it. Much like how the portals in the Portal Chamber work, you'll need the runes for that particular teleport spell in order to unlock the teleport. The Portal Nexus requires 1000 times the required runes for the particular teleport spell you wish to unlock. This unlock is permanent. 

You'll be able to set a default left-click teleport location on the Portal Nexus via a right-click configure option. If this is done, the interface with all the available teleports would be available via a separate right-click option. Should you wish for the left-click to open the menu, you can leave this unconfigured or reconfigure it via a right-click option. 

The Nexus Portal has three tiers, allowing you to upgrade it similar to how the jewellery boxes work to unlock additional teleport slots. 

Tier 1 

Construction level: 72 

Teleport locations limit: 4 

Materials required: 4 x Marble blocks 

Experience given for constructing: 2000 Construction XP 

Tier 2 

Construction level: 82 

Teleport locations limit: 8 

Materials required: 4 x Marble blocks & 2 x Gold leaf 

Experience given for constructing: 2160 Construction XP 

Tier 3 

Construction level: 92 

Teleport locations limit: Infinite 

Materials required: 2 x Magic stones & 1 x Gold leaf 

Experience given for constructing: 2080 Construction XP 

New feature is quite attractive. But, as mentioned above, it will cost you numerous osrs gold to build this Portal Nexus. You'd better start farm it in game from now on. Or you can seek help from us, we always have cheap osrs gold for sale all time. Please feel free to contact us if you are in need.