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OSRS: New Bank Changes Are Available Now-

  • 2018-09-28 11:23:24
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According to the developers of OSRS, they are going to make changes to bank interface on the desktop version. Previously they have made some changes on mobile as well. Will there be some differences? You can know all the details today.


As your best friend, will reveal these new changes for you. In addition, you can not only learn the latest information but also the cheapest osrs gold from us. Please visit our website to learn more. Now, let's check these new changes first. 

Right-Click Options Extended to the Deposit Box 

All items which have right-click uses within the bank, such as "Empty" for various bags, now also have these uses within deposit boxes. This change includes the following items:

- All Rune pouches/ Coal bag/ Gem bag/ Flamtaer bag

- Herb sack/ Seed box

- Enchanted gem/ Eternal gem

- Slayer ring/ Slayer ring (eternal)

Additionally, you may now right-click to Fill your Rune essence pouches without closing the bank interface, provided you have essence in your inventory. Equally, you may Empty pouches this way if they contain essence. 

The Account Management tab found on mobile has been added to the desktop client. This allows easy access to useful account information such as remaining days of membership, number of unread inbox messages, the name changer, and useful links. The friends and ignore lists have been combined into one tab to make space for the new Account Management tab. To switch between the friends and ignore lists, click the small face icon in the top right of the friends/ignore list interface.

Although this is just a small change, it can give you a better game experience. hope you can enjoy this new change. As mentioned above, you can buy osrs gold from us at the cheapest price with instant delivery. Please feel free to contact us at any time when you want to enquire. We are very glad to offer you help.