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OSRS Releases Midsummer, Auto-smash, and Void Mage

  • 2017-06-30 16:43:45
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Dear OSRS fans, the official releases Midsummer, auto-smash, and Void Mage this week, and you can see the return of the Midsummer event, auto-smashing of vials, and the previously polled buff to Void Mage. Want to get the detailed information? Don’t miss this post! Gold.raiditem is happy to share the latest news for you.


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According to the official website:
Midsummer event

Here in Cambridge we're beset by an eclectic mix of sweltering heat and torrential rain, this can only mean that it's Summer! It's rather fitting that Friday 30th June sees the return of the Midsummer event and in the same vein as recent years your minds will be tested by the enigmatic musings of Thordur the dwarf.

Each day the event is active you will receive a cryptic clue, and a disc of returning for offering to help. If you successfully complete the task each day you'll also receive a half wine.

Helping for three days over the duration of the event will see you unlock a new Hand Fan to keep you cool, along with the rewards from previous Midsummer events. These items can be reclaimed from Diango or a POH toybox if lost. So head along to Thordur within the blackhole for some perplexing riddles!

Auto-smash vials

Nobody breaks things quite like the barbarians, and so now the Barbarian Guard found at the Barbarian Outpost offers an option to toggle the automatic breaking of vials after consuming potions. This is accessible only after completing the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl.

Void mage buff

The Void mage sets have received a buff this week. Both the normal and elite sets have seen an increase from 30% Magic accuracy to 45% Magic accuracy. Alongside this the elite set has received a Magic damage boost of 2.5%. For context, this will stack with other existing boosts. For example, full elite Magic void equipped alongside an Occult necklace and Staff of the dead will result in a 27.5% Magic damage bonus.

That’s today news. Are you excited for it? According to the official, they will also offer the Fishing Guild expansion, you can see it on next week's community stream. If you want to get more news about OSRS, please focus on our news post; while if you want to buy OSRS gold, you definitely should come to gold.raiditem enjoying 5% free bonus. We ensure that the price is the most reasonable and the delivery is totally safe and fast. Welcome to buy Runescape 2007 Gold from now!