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Gold.raiditem 5% Free RS 3 gold Bonus is Your Best Gift for Double XP Weekend, Menaphos and More

  • 2017-05-16 17:49:23
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Dear Runescape fans, if you pay attention to the official website, you should know that the Runescape team recently has held lots of activities for you. For example, Double XP Weekend, Screenshot Competition, Custom Skies and Countdown to Menaphos. Are you prepared for these activities? Gold.raiditem as one of the most professional RS 3 gold website would like to share the news for you. Just read on!


Whatever, Gold.raiditem has already prepared plenty of RS 3 Gold and Runescape Power Leveling for all of RS players. We as a reliable RS gold website, guarantee the reasonable price, safe and instant delivery, and excellent customer service. Now let’s learn the details as below.

Double XP Weekend
Have fun with Double XP this weekend. Double XP Weekend will start at 12:00 UTC (Game Time) on 19th May. 

Updated Custom Skies & Screenshot Competition
Custom Skies is the option to change the look of RuneScape's skybox and apply a selection of visual filters. By combining these, you can bathe Gielinor in a bright glow, a moody haze, or anything in between. Get started by selecting 'Visualise' on the Orb of Oculus. You can now also access all of the Orb of Oculus functions without the artefact itself, but right-clicking the World Map icon.

Countdown to Menaphos
Countdown to Menaphos will also begin on 19th May and you will get rewards each day when you log in until the gates open.

How to play in Menaphos? Click the icon displayed when you log in to open the Countdown interface.

What reward will you receive? From 19th May until 4th June, when you log in, you can claim a reward, such as Lamps, stars, meteorites, skilling packs and lanterns.

Once Menaphos goes live, you'll be able to access the chest shown in the Countdown interface and receive a duplicate of each reward you've claimed, making launch day all the sweeter. You can claim the chest until 12th June. But remember that each reward is only available on its given day, and only non-Ironman accounts with membership are eligible.

During the activities, has prepared cheap RS 3 Gold for sale and 5% free RS gold bonus for you to enjoy Double XP Weekend and Menaphos. So you can just come to gold.raiditem to get safe and instant RS 3 Gold and RS Power Leveling without register for saving your time. Don't forget the day of starting of Menaphos and Double XP Weekend.