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RuneScape: Vic's the Trader's back in Burthorpe

  • 2017-06-13 14:11:52
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Good news! According to the official site, Vic the Trade is back in Burthorpe with a new stock of items. Now here you can exchange your spare Bonus XP for Credits and much sought-after rewards such as skill outfits, slayer masks and more. To get more detailed information, please keep your eyes on here!

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What is Vic The Trader?

Vic the trader is the owner of Vic's Store and is located south of the Burthorpe lodestone, across the road from the bank. He will trade credits for bonus experience for the first week following his release, after which he will still be managing his store but no longer trading for XP.

What new rewards are added?

There are some new various rewards you can win, including Dungeoneering outfit pieces, Slayer masks from the third and fourth batches, Four more skilling outfits like Lumberjack, Constructor, Golden Mining, Master Runecrafter.

When can you exchange Bonus XP to Rewards?

Vic's trading Bonus XP for credits until 23:59 UTC on the 19th of June, and hanging around for another week after that so you can trade in any leftover credits.

Good luck for you in Menaphos.

Menaphos, also known as the Golden City, is a city located far south in the Kharidian Desert. It is a good time to play the game in Menaphos, because Vic the Trader, his cousin Ric has made his way to Menaphos to sell his wares during the Vic's the Trader's back ! Maybe you can get some valuable products there.

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