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Runescape Achievement Update & Seasonal Hiscores

  • 2017-08-30 14:54:17
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Today the RuneScape Team brings a couple of doozies for you: the Achievement update, and a relaunch of Seasonal Hiscores. would like to share the latest news with you and you can also buy RS 3 items from here enjoying cheaper price and fast delivery. Here’s everything you should get to know.


As you know, Balthazar's Big Raffle has already been available, so you can get some glorious prizes. Read on and find out what’s on offer today. Of course, you can buy RS 3 items from us to get more discounts.

Achievements Update

The RuneScape Team has improved the UI with a slick new layout and a streamlined user flow. That includes a host of new Paths to guide players through Gielinor. They've also introduced RuneScore, which calculates the sum of your achievements. You can send this to your friends and use to measure your performance against other players.

If you're feeling competitive, simply right click on your friends and select compare. Want to check out the RuneScore of someone you're not friends with? Assuming their settings allow for it, you can now right click and examine. And don't worry: if you're feeling shy, you can always amend your privacy.

Next up, they've bulked out the list of things to do with loads of new achievements – particularly those focused around PvM - plus a new subcategory to help you navigate. They have new achievements for minigames too, as well as some more playful, miscellaneous ones. Do take a look, and stay tuned for further updates in the future.

Hiscores Relaunch

They're relaunching seasonal hiscores, including six all-new timed ones, and titles to match, you check out the details from the official website. Here we mainly introduce how it works.

Each of the hiscores will run for seven days, and recur over eight weeks in total.
The winner of each hiscore will receive the Supreme title, the crown of supremacy and the hiscore unique title in gold.
The top 100 players for each hiscore will receive the hiscore unique title in silver.
There are now icons in-game that provide details of active hiscores you can compete for. These will appear both on the instance creation interface for bosses and the Dungeoneering starter interface.
This is the first time we've done timed hiscores, and we hope you enjoy them. Let us know what you think on the forums!

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