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RuneScape PvM & Skilling - Buy RS 3 Gold Enjoying Free 10% Bonus for Halloween

  • 2017-10-24 17:35:18
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According to the official RuneScape website, we got the latest news that showed the RS new updates. Yes, it is the RuneScape patch week. as a professional RS 3 Gold provider would like to share the detailed information with gamers.


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The spider minions in the Araxxi fight will now die at the end of her death animation.
The right-click options on Barrows brothers spawned by other players have been removed.
The click radius on the Gravity Field in the Vorago boss fight has been increased.
The Max Guild boss portal has been updated to show all options on one page.
A 'Set arrival' option has been added to various bosses for the Max Guild boss portal.
A 'Don't ask me again' option has been added when prompted about the 100k coin charge for re-tuning the Max Guild boss portal.
Surge and Escape are now usable during the global cooldown period, similar to Bladed Dive outside of PvP areas.

Skilling improvements
The Fishing spots inside the Menaphos VIP area have been moved closer together and will now only spawn on the west side of the pool.
A Fish Flingers fisherman has arrived in the Menaphos VIP area.
The Fish Flingers fisherman in Piscatoris has moved to the north-eastern shoreline.
The RuneMetrics interface is now visible during Kegger, Racing, Table dancing and Zapper minigames at the NovtumberFest event.
The boost and activate options on the action bar for equipped skill capes have been swapped around.
Member skill challenges up to level 5 can now be progressed by free players.

Utility updates
A right-click option has been added to select the destination on various fairy rings throughout the game world without having to first visit Zanaris.
A 'Check Progress' option has been added to Menaphos soul obelisks.
The skill name has been added to Strange rocks and Golden rocks.
Fully recharged scrimshaws will now stack in the bank with brand new ones.
The farmer's wander range away from the bank chest in the Meilyr district of Prifddinas has been adjusted.
The Varrock teleport will now teleport players slightly closer to the Staff shop (depending on Varrock task completion settings).
The Lumbridge teleport will teleport players closer to the Combat Academy.
The following items will now always show a lootbeam: Ghost hunter equipment, Ancient emblems, Perfect chitin, Camel journals, Magister journals, Adamant dragon journals and Attuned crystal seeds.

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