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Enjoy Game Time in Star Trek Online with These Top 4 Guides

  • 2017-11-17 18:12:06
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You can't miss Star Trek Online if you are a big fan of the Star Trek series. You can enjoy the exciting game plot in this amazing game. Here are some top 4 guides that can help you play Star Trek Online better.


What you should do firstly is to make a choice in character creation. Maybe you want to be a little good at both, and that's an option. However, many of the traits you can select from are geared towards emphasizing one way or another. Warp core theorist, for instance, will help with your ship's energy levels -- a useful thing to have when you're trying to reroute all power to shields or weapons. No matter which character you choose, you must need Star Trek online Credits to speed up your progress. And gold.raiditem is definitely the best site to buy Star Trek online Credits.

If you look closely at your inventory window, you'll find that there's a button labeled "Replicator" that does something quite awesome. What does it do? Why, it allows you to sell your junk loot anywhere you like! Well, so long as you're in a starship. If you're on an away mission, obviously you can't use the replicator systems present on the big space ship.

Navigating space can be a daunting task but thankfully Cryptic's supplied a system list feature. If you press the "M" key, a window with three tabs will open up. One tab holds a top-down map for the sector of space you're in, another has the galaxy map (IE the world map) and finally you'll find a third tab containing an alphabetical list of every destination within your current sector.

Every mission comes with a destination, and assuming you're in the right sector of space (check your galaxy map for that) your system list is going to be a big help. Just find the location, double click it on the list and your ship will auto-navigate to that location. You can also use the visual top-down map to do this as well, but finding your destination via the list is much easier. Of course, you may prefer to go for immersion and avoid the list, although the reality of being a starship captain is that you've got an underling to handle the boring stuff.

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