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What Can We Expect From the ‘Summer of SWTOR’?

  • 2017-06-01 11:06:42
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Dear SWTOR fans, Star Wars: The Old Republic Team has published their Road Map 2017 according to the official site, which shows their direction for the game starting with their 'Summer of SWTOR' activities beginning June 13, 2017. And it covers all plans about SWTOR in the coming months. So what do you expect from the ‘Summer of SWTOR’?


Gold.raiditem as a reliable SWTOR Credits EU selling store would like to share the detailed information about their planned Summer of SWTOR 2017 Game Updates for you, you can feel free to check out as below:

NAR SHADDAA SUMMER - which is SWTOR update 5.2.2 and will be released on June 13th. 

The return of the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event with all new rewards, including a new Gamorrean Companion!
Starfighter Improvements – Increased Requisition gains, Gunship and Bomber available by default, some new ship customization options
Companion Influence earned from Crew Skill Missions
Command Experience Legacy Perk for alts. Once one of your character reaches Command Rank 300, you can acquire a new Legacy Perk to increase CXP gains on all your other characters
The ability to craft Tier 4 armor is now available
Both Theron Shan and Shae Vizla’s appearances can now be customized
New Legacy Perks: Mount Speed 4 & 5 (120% & 130% increased movement speed)
Tier 1 gear can now be purchased for Command Tokens

SISTERS OF CARNAGE - which is SWTOR Update 5.3 and is scheduled on July.

Gods from the Machine’s second encounter Aivela and Esne in Story and Veteran Mode
A brand-new Stronghold with a great view of the Ocean
The ability to search for Stronghold Decorations using new filters
The start of Class balance changes for the following:
Powertech / Vanguard
Assassin / Shadow
Sniper / Gunslinger
Mercenary / Commando
Operative / Scoundrel
Appearances for additional companions can now be customized

CRISIS ON UMBARA - which is SWTOR Update 5.4 and is coming on August.

The story will continue in a new Flashpoint: Crisis on Umbara
Appearances for additional companions can now be customized
And more to come…

According to the Lead Game Producer Keith, they are going to be posting on the forums to share specific features they’re thinking about and those already in-process, and will be posting on a very wide range of topics, everything from new content to the reinvigoration of existing features. Of course, he will also plan to deliver an updated roadmap each quarter. This way you can see not only the direction they are heading, but you’ll know what to expect specifically over the few months.

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