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SWTOR: Winning Rewards For Being In A Guild

  • 2017-07-20 14:57:44
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Dear SWTOR players, have you been a member of guilds? Well, whether you’re already in a guild or want to join or start one, you can get more bonuses like additional XP and reputation bonuses to enhance your gameplay experience. Want to know the details? Please read on!


Do you know why do we join a Guild? Gold.raiditem, the best SWTOR Credits EU seller, would like to tell you the answer. Join a guild can earn more benefits and enhance your overall gameplay experience. All guild members benefit from a Guild XP Bonus. XP is the experience you earn doing almost any activity in the game, and the amount of XP you gain determines what level you are. The faster you can earn XP the faster you can level up to take on greater challenges!

Earn +5% To All XP Gained White You’re in a Guild: Expedite your adventures with a +5% Guild XP Bonus by joining or creating a guild.

1. Combine the Guild XP Bonus with XP boosts from the Cartel Market or the Galactic Trade Network for even faster gains!
2. All guild members benefit from the Guild XP Bonus so if you’re not in a guild already, this is a great time to join or create one.

Recruit To Earn Additional Guild XP and Reputation Bonuses: In addition to the +5% Guild XP Bonus gained for guild membership, earn +1% Guild XP Bonus and +1% Reputation Bonus for every five recruits in your guild for a total maximum of 10% Guild XP or Reputation Bonus.

1. Recruits must be Subscribers or Preferred Status Players who have logged into the game in the last 30 days to count toward these additional bonuses.
2. Guild XP Bonus also applies to your Legacy XP.
3. All guild members benefit from these bonuses so recruit your friends into your guild now!

Are you ready? Just take action to be a member in a guild. Don’t forget that we are always here to offer you cheap and fast SWTOR Credits, 100% secure delivery. Now huge SWTOR Credits for sale at, order now enjoying 10% free bonus! Don’t miss it.