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SWTOR Update 5.2 Drops On April 11th: What Can We Expect

  • 2017-04-10 12:26:22
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The Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 5.2 will be launching on Tuesday, April 11th. In the early March, the game was preparing for the release by adjusting the drop rates for the gear inside them. After listening to the players’ complaint about fewer chances of dropping items, the developer Bioware is going to fix that by allowing PVP and PVE events to give players the power to more fairly get certain gear types they want.


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In 5.2, the higher you go up in tier and Command Ranks, the more likely you’ll be able to get items that are Legendary or an Artifact. Whereas more common items will have their drop rate go down. This is made in an attempt to allow the chances of getting better items less of a grind and more of an experience. Regardless of where players stand, these changes are coming in Update 5.2, whether it truly helps the drop rates of gear items will just have to be tested out by the player base. 

Below we will get a quick rundown of what to expect in this update. 
“ New Galaxy Map
PvP on Iokath
The Daily Area – What’s different and what’s the same
Access to Iokath – Who, When, How
Choosing a Faction on Iokath”

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