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SWTOR Crisis on Umbara Requirements and Rewards

  • 2017-08-23 12:02:57
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SWTOR patch 5.4 is available now with a completely new flashpoint called Crisis on Umbara. According to the official latest news, Bioware published a new blog detailing the gameplay and rewards you can get from Crisis on Umbara flashpoint. Today will share the details with you, just pay attention. Also, you can buy SWTOR Credits from us enjoying big bonus!


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How to get into Crisis on Umbara?

Your access to the ‘Crisis on Umbara’ Flashpoint will vary depending on your character level and the difficulty level you wish to play. Here are the requirements to access each mode of the Flashpoint:

Story Mode – You must have a level 70 character which has completed the War for Iokath storyline. You can grab the Mission for this Flashpoint from your ship terminal. This is the only version that is the continuation of the story from the War for Iokath.
Story Mode (repeatable) – You must have a level 70 character, completing War for Iokath is not a requirement. You can access this mode through Group Finder.
Veteran Mode – Any character between level 15-70 may queue for this Flashpoint through Group Finder. Characters from 15-69 will be bolstered to the appropriate power level.
Master Mode – Only level 70 characters can access this mode. If queueing for the Flashpoint through Group Finder, your character must have an average item rating of 242 or higher (as shown on your character sheet). Any pre-made 4-player group can simply zone into the Flashpoint regardless of item rating. This Flashpoint is intended for a balanced 4-player group of one tank, one healer, and two damage dealers.

What unique rewards you can earn?

Bioware brings one of the most unique Flashpoint rewards - a new Stronghold into Crisis on Umbara! If you complete the Flashpoint on any difficulty, you will earn Alliance Recon Data. Also you will get more data when completing the Flashpoint on higher difficulties. This data can be turned into a vendor for various rewards including crafting schematics, an armor set, a mount, and the keys to purchase a new Stronghold, the ‘Umbara Mobile Base.’ Once you have the key, you will be able to go to a new room in the Alliance HQ on Odessen and purchase the Stronghold as you normally would with credits or Cartel Coins.

Crisis on Umbara has new story, multiple ways to play, and brand new rewards. It also offers the newest Flashpoint in the game. What are you waiting for ? just take action and grab three friends, or your favorite Companion to jump aboard in Game Update 5.4 now. Of course, gold.raiditem is always your right place to buy SWTOR Credits US. Big free bonus are ready for you, buy now!