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Swtor Patch 5.7 Legacy of the Creators Is Set on January 23, 2018

  • 2018-01-15 16:12:47
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According to the official SWTOR website, Star Wars: The old Republic update 5.7, which is called “Legacy of the Creators”will be released on Jan 23 by Bioware. The update will contain the 4th Boss of the Iokath Operation, returning companions and more. Read the details at


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What will be added into Swtor Update 5.7 on Jan 23?

Star Wars: The old Republic next expansion will be patch 5.7: Legacy of the Creators, and here you will see something in Swtor patch 5.7 according to Bioware:
1. New Operation Boss: Scyva
Available in Story and Veteran Mode
2. Returning Companions (Missions will be Class-specific)
Risha & Corso
3. New Cartel Market Pack
4. Various bug fixes / updates

Although the developer will save the specifics for the Roadmap, beyond 5.7 you can expect additional Companions returning, a new Flashpoint, and more!

What can you expect in the upcoming Roadmap?
There is another news that we find some information about the future updates and plans for 2018 in the upcoming Roadmap. We can expect more returning companions, the 5th boss that will finally finish the Iokath operation and a new Flashpoint. According to Eric Musco’s post on the official forums, there will be a few more weeks before we can know the details.

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