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SWTOR: Galactic Legend PTS Update - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-07-16 16:32:16
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Game Update 5.9.2 "Galaxy Legend" is now available for all advanced players on the PTS! Whether you have the highest level of character or not, It is recommend that you can jump on the PTS.


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You can now find the following features in this PTS update:

New Stronghold: Rishi Hideout

Customize your own tropical paradise in this new beach-front Stronghold.

For the first time in a Stronghold, you can now host and organize your own PvP battles! From one vs one, to free-for-all, to 8v8 Huttball, play in your own self-designed matches.

New Arena: Mandalorian Battle Ring

Experience 4v4 deathmatch in this brand new Arena Map, Mandalore’s personal Battle Ring.

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Warzone And Matchmaking Improvements

Changes have been made to almost every Warzone to help matches be more consistent in their completion time and to ensure all matches are played fairly. Matchmaking has also been improved, including the addition of cross-faction queuing for all Warzones along with new balancing mechanisms to ensure more evenly matched teams.

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