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Get New Additions in SWTOR Cartel Market Now!-

  • 2018-08-15 12:28:36
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New items arrives SWTOR this week. Do you want to know what are these items? Do you want to have a preview of them all to decide which one to purchase once you jump into game? No rush. All details will be revealed today.

article make a list of SWTOR new items to help you make a decision. But before that, you need to check your SWTOR credits to see if they are enough to buy all items you want. For your information, we have huge cheap SWTOR credits for sale on our website. You are highly recommended to visit our website for more information later. Right now, the items list is waiting for you.

K-13 FS Heavy Cannon 

- Available Now!

- 4,000 Cartel Coins

You can gear up and get ready to blast enemies with the threatening K-13 FS Heavy Cannon now.

Noble Councillor's Tunic 

- Available Now! 

- 1,440 Cartel Coins

Embody confidence and nobility with the Noble Councillor's Tunic

Flair: Sign Of  The Dark Lord 

- Available Now!

- 1,000 Cartel Coins

Strike fear into the heart of your enemy as you enter battles displaying the Sign of the Dark Lord's Flair. Remember that you can always buy SWTOR credits on our website. Therefore, you can actually get all items you want.

Mandalorian Clan Personnel Bundle

- Available Now! 

- 600 Cartel Coins

Arm your Stronghold with the Mandalorian Clan Personnel Bundle now!

Planetary Holo-Map

- Available Now!

- 575 Cartel Coins

Plan your next adventure across the galaxy with the Planetary Holo-Map and enjoy now.

Don't you think these items are truly attractive? No more hesitation, make up your mind and get whatever you fancy. has your back. You can get SWTOR credits at any time when you are in need. Please feel free to contact us to enquire. It's our pleasure to help you.