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SWTOR: Galactic End of Summer Sale is Underway-

  • 2018-09-04 11:31:28
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The wonderful summer will be gone soon. In order to celebrate an amazing Summer we have spent together, SWTOR officially held a new event called Galactic Sale. You can get basically everything ever released in the Cartel Market.


This is absolutely a great chance for you to get the items you have been longing. Don't worry about that you will run out of SWTOR credits. You can always get help from us. As the best seller, always have huge cheap credits in stock at any time. All you need to worry about is which item you should buy. Read this items list below before you make a decision.  

C-5 Broadcast Infiltrator: Infiltrate behind enemy lines in this sleek brand-new scouting craft. Swap configurations between dark side and light side to avoid notice as you gather intel and data on your enemies aboard the AC-5 Broadcast Infiltrator!

Drakag Mount: Ride into battle on your own Vicious Drakag Mount from now on.

Nahut's Heavy Cannon: Show off your firepower in battle with Nahut's Heavy Cannon and destroy all your enemies. There is no need to worry about that you can't afford this generous weapon because you can buy SWTOR credits on at the cheapest price. 

Darth Malgus Armor: Share the look of Darth Malgus, a ferocious and ambitious Sith Warrior with a terrifying reputation!

There are more special items you can find in the marker. Jump in game and get your favourite items now! Seize this chance before it ends on September 10th. hope you can enjoy this event and have fun. If you want to get cheap SWTOR credits with instant delivery service, please feel free to contact us or visit or website. It's our honor to help you complete this glorious quest.