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SWTOR: Enjoy Cantina Livestream on October 11th-

  • 2018-09-25 11:16:17
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It's unfortunately that community tour in New York is canceled. Luckily the developers of SWTOR give you all another chance to have a great time with them. There will be a livestream on October 11th, and the team will share lots of things you may expect in Game Update 5.10 "Jedi Under Siege".


Based on the information know, you can get some giveaways in the end of this event. And more details will be revealed in this article today. We ail share the latest details for you. Besides, you can also get huge cheap SWTOR Credits on our website at the cheapest price. Now, let’s check the details first.

In this livestream, developers will talk about the following contents with you. 

- They will reveal what planet you will be able to explore in new storyline!

- Get a spoiler-free overview of the new Empire vs Republic storyline.

- Meet some of the new and returning characters, including Companions, you can expect to run into.

- Learn what challenges await in Master Mode Gods from the Machine Operation and how players can acquire the newest Tier of gear.

- They will talk through some of the great Guild changes coming including Guild leveling, Heraldry, PvP challenges, and a host of quality of life changes.

You must take part in the livestream event if you are available on that day. believe that you will enjoy this wonderful event if you can join it. this the best chance you can share your ideas with others. In addition, you can buy SWTOR credits from us at any time when you are in need. We are very honored to help you conquer the challenges in game.