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SWTOR Season 8: Players Want to Know More Info

  • 2017-04-10 12:10:17
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A player SilverStarSeeker asked about the detailed info about the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic season 8, which causes a heated discussion on the official forum. Like most players in MMORPGS, they want to know who to expect, when the upcoming season arrives, when it ends, what rewards they will get and much more.


However, the truth is that there is still no further info revealed from Bioware about Season 8. SWTOR Credits, as the main in-game currency, can be used to buy your character awesome equipment that can increase your strength as well as improve your performance while progress in the game.

“So Bioware has been completely silent for the Season 08 now for a long time.Can we get any information about what's happening, or at least an confirmation of the existence of the seasons?" He asked.
"I found the most angry the fact that Bioware once again promised shorter seasons and lied again," DerSchneider said, "almost four months, and absolutely no information about the rewards and the ending date."

The games like SWTOR always keep update to ensure the players have desire and passion to continue playing the game. They break new content update into seasons or patches to tell players when to start and when to end. Maybe a small improvement will make them anticipated. Most players just know simple improvement, new additions, or features to the game. They wanna know what will happen during the season and what to expect. 

Before the Season 8 is officially announced, players can equip with more Star Wars Credits through earning, making or purchasing online. Anyway, SWTOR Credits US  is definitely the significant item to level up quickly in any seasons. Here you just have come to the right place to buy SWTOR credits cheap, fast and safe! Full stock of SWTOR Credits for sale is ready for you!