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Winning Free 10% Bonus for SWTOR Credits at Gold.raiditem To Enjoy Halloween

  • 2017-10-26 18:20:08
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Halloween is approaching this year. As one of the world’s oldest holidays, it is celebrated in several countries around the world. While gold.raiditem has also prepared cheap SWTOR Credits and 10% free bonus for our all customers whatever you are new or old, you can get the bonus from now until October 31, 2017. Catch the best chance to buy credits for saving your money.


When can you get free Swtor Credits in the activity?

The activity is held on from Oct 14 until Oct 31, 2017. during this time you can get extra free 10% free bonus for Swtor Credits.

How can you get free Swtor Credits?

In gold.raiditem, you can choose to buy the amounts of swtor credits. For example, if you choose to buy 10000 K Star Wars Credits, then you will get Free 1000K credits.

Is the free bonus available for all server?

Yes. You can choose any server to buy our SWTOR Credits US enjoying extra free 10% bonus.

Why choose gold.raiditem?

1.Cheapest price. adjusts our price according to the market price to make the Credits you received is the most reasonable one. Also our site has many promotion activities for you so that you buy swtor credits at the cheapest price for saving your money.
2.Safe service. is a quite simple secure place to offer you awesome swtor credits. Because we farm Swtor credits US by hand, so we will make it safe for your account. You may worry about the account security after buying Swtor credits, but we can guarantee it is completely safe.
3.Fast delivery. Now huge Swtor credits US full stock on Gold.raiditem, so we will make sure fast and instant delivery for Swtor credits. We are alweays doing best to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

What are you waiting for? Just join our activity and have a great holiday! Gold.raiditem never lets you down. Buy SWTOR Credits Now.